Guest Speaker Services

I am a regular guest speaker at symposiums and conferences, sharing my experiences and training others in how to build and run an eco-lodge, set up community based ecotourism activities, greening your hotel, and the use of small renewable energy systems. My past clients / conferences include The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards, The Tourist offices or hotel associations of the Governments of St. Eustatius and Dominica, The International Hotel & Restaurant Association Congress, Green Globe 21 green tourism conference, and many others.

I offer as much detail as you want, in a light-heated, easy to understand fashion, showing how easy living green really can be, and that being environmentally friendly does not mean going without those nice little luxuries in life.

I am willing and able to adapt to pretty much any audience, for any length of time, on any subject in my field. I promise an entertaining, educational, and interesting event, that will enthuse the audience into at least thinking about taking some kind of green steps in their life, or if they are already enthused, they will see how easy doing more is, and how much difference a little effort can make.

Feel free to contact me any time to discuss details.

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