Eco Lodge Dominica

3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, the first ever and original eco lodge in Dominica,  is a small, multi-award winning eco lodge in a lush rainforest valley, surrounded by rivers and jungle, in natural and unspoiled eastern Dominica, offering a range of Eco-friendly ACCOMMODATIONS, ranging from  charming cottage & apartment, Bamboo Tree Houses, community Homestays, dormitory & camping facilities, and on site restaurant bar & games room

And a range of community, nature,adventure ACTIVITIES for all.

Together with an excellent team of local workers, 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge has received a steady flow of guests and eco awards for our environmental work.

I hope that you will enjoy 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, and all the wondrous beauty that this incredible island has to offer.

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