Eco Education workshops

I offer a range of basic renewable energy workshops, as well as tailor made workshops on establishing eco tourism and community based tourism businesses, programmes and initiatives.

Our workshops teach about most forms of renewable energy, in a practical hands on way for the local community, and for private individuals wishing to learn about these subjects, in a place where they can see it all in action. Combine education with a holiday in one of the most unspoilt countries on earth.

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Our solar electricity workshops give an introduction to how solar works, what areas are most suited to solar energy, and an introduction to installing and wiring basic systems, as well as details of the best equipment to buy according to your needs.


Our solar hot water heating workshops begin with a basic introduction of the principals of solar hot water heaters, and the components required.
Students get the opportunity to practice soldering and the other useful techiniques needed, and by the end of the day should get to see a fully functioning system !!


This workshop explores the different environmentally friendly ways of pumping water, in various situations.
Students go through the theory of both solar and hydraulic ram pumping, and get hands on experience in the installations of both kinds of systems.


In this, the longest and most complicated of our classes, participants get to learn how to measure the flow rate and fall of a river, and how to use those measurements to determine the best turbine for any given situation.
They learn how to build a functioning water catchment area, and how to instal and wire a micro hydro turbine.


This is a general awareness day, held at 3 Rivers, where visitors are shown all the sustainable practices we employ, and learning how they can be used on a daily basis at their homes, at low cost.


This workshop is all about recycling used veggie oil and reducing emisssions.
Students learn to make a few simple modifications to any diesel vehicle or generator to make it run on dirty old used cooking oil!


This course is an introduction to the benefits and practicalities of organic farming, teaching about organic pest control methods, composting and marketing organic produce.


During this workshop, participants get a good ground knowledge of how and wind generator works and what is can be used for, exploring battery storage, power inverters and consumption.
Students will leave being able to install their own system, providing they are not scared of heights !!

US$ 120 per person, and includes materials, teacher, a summary handout, and tax

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