Environmental & Community Tourism Consultancy Services

  • Community Tourism – establishing a community tourism programme of home stays and activities.
  • Eco Lodge / hotel greening & environmental best practices consultancy for anyone wishing to learn environmental best practices for their eco lodge, hotel, home, college, or anywhere else; advise and practical greening steps.
  • Community & Eco tourism Activities – Design programs and activities for your visitors.
  • Renewable energy installations – site assessments, detailed equipment proposal, installations, maintenance

Community Tourism  -If you want to learn how to establish your own community based tourism initiatives,I can help from idea to implementation, as well as with ongoing promotions and assistance with your community projects.

Eco Lodge / hotel greening consulting – Over the years planning and running the eco lodges I have learned, and now practice, environmental eco tourism best practices, and am proud of the achievements of both 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodges. I believe strongly in protecting the environment, and one important aspect of that is education through eco tourism, in the hope that slowly, but surely, more and more eco tourism stakeholders will at least begin to think about doing their little bit for our planet: through environmental eco tourism best practices. I have proved here with 3 Rivers & Rosalie forest, that it is possible to manage a good quality and reasonable standard eco lodge or hotel AND make a serious contribution to the environment, including the people living within that environment.

I can help you green your lodge or hotel, in terms of renewable energy and water and power saving and monitoring practices for your lodge or hotel; assist with staff eco tourism best practices training, and more community inclusive eco tourism to everyone’s mutual benefit in every way. I can help you achieve environmnetal eco best practices for your lodge or hotel, sustainable in every way, actively participating in protecting and enhancing your environment and the community; bringing more profits to your business.

Community & Eco tourism Activities – advice, ideas, planning & implementation of eco tourism activities for your eco lodge or hotel, that benefit the business, the visor and the community; WIN, WIN, WIN

Introduce a range of new activities that protect or educate about the environment, enhance mutual cultural understanding through community activities, whilst contributing to the sustainability of your local community

Renewable energy installations – If you want to make the move to renewable energy at home or business, I can help you from the thought, to the power outlets. I can carry out a property assessment for you, and make a proposal to you of my recommendations of which equipment would be best to install in your circumstances.

Then, you can either do it yourself, or I can deal with the installation as well, should you so desire, and a long term maintenance contract is also available.